Calc: a fully-featured minimalistic calculator built in rust for educational purpose only.


You can install the latest version from source

git clone
cd calc 
cargo build --release

or install it via cargo

cargo install mini-calc


You can see how the calculator works over at the usage page


An overview of the configuration of mini-calc can be found here


An overview of the function of mini-calc can be found here


To learn about the binary logic built in go to the logic page

Plot !

You can plot more information in the plot page

User defined functions

You can define your own functions!


Vector calculation

You can compute using vectors!

  • add vectors
  • dot product (* operator)
  • norm function

Matrices !

As of 2.7.0 matrix algebra is implemented (using lup reduction)

  • you can add matrices
  • multiply compatible matrices

functions added

  • transpose
  • invert
  • det

As of 2.11.2 the matrices are pretty-printed!

Non interactive use !

As of 2.12.2 you can use the calculator without the REPL!