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Published on Jun 5 2024 at 19:37 UTC
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Calc: A fully-featured minimalistic configurable rust calculator

Rust Test Release


You can install the latest version from source

git clone
cd calc
cargo build --release

or install it via cargo

cargo install mini-calc

using Nix

Alternatively, you can use nix to build or run this project.

Running directly:

nix run github:coco33920/calc

You may need to enable nix experimental features. In that case, execute the following command: mkdir -p ~/.config/nix && echo "experimental-features = nix-command flakes" | tee ~/.config/nix/nix.conf


The website (powered by oranda) is available for more informations the website for more informations.


If you prefer a PDF, there is a manual


Name Role Website
Charlotte THOMAS Main developer/Maintener Main page
Léana 江 Help, cleanup Website/Blog
Sigmaficient Nixify Website


The TODO list is completed so I collapsed it

  • Lexing of basic operations
    • Lexing operators
    • Lexing lpar,rpar,quote
    • Lexing int
    • Lexing floats
    • Lexing identifiers
  • Parsing of basic operations
    • Parsing int,floats,identifiers
    • sum operation
    • minus operation
    • multiplication operation
    • division operation
  • Parsing advanced operations
    • Parsing lpar,rpar
    • mathematical priority
      • Left priority
      • Right priority
    • parenthesis support
    • Assignment
    • associativity support
      • Left associativity
      • Right associativity
  • Application REPL
    • Add the REPL
      • basic REPL
      • colour message
      • colourised prompt
    • Add colour
  • Interpreter
    • Basic operation interpreter
    • Advanced operation interpreter
    • Identifiers (variable) interpreter
  • Built-in
    • pi
    • e
  • Config
    • Config colours
    • Config prompt
  • Add more operations
    • exponent
  • Add support for functions
    • exp
    • ln
    • log base a
    • cos/sin/tan
    • cosh/sinh/tanh
    • atan/acos/asin
  • Add logic
    • Add basic true/false
    • Add binary operator
      • or (&&)
      • and (||)
      • >=
      • >
      • <=
      • <
      • ==
    • Add unary operator
      • not (!)
  • Vector calculation
    • Add vectors to the datatypes
    • Lex vectors
    • Parse vectors
    • Add vector operations
      • Dot product
      • Vector norm
      • Vector addition
  • Matrix calculation
    • Add matrix to the datatypes
    • Lex matrices
    • Parse matrices
    • Add matrices operation
      • Matrix addition
      • Matrix multiplication
      • Calculate the matrix determinant
      • Calculate the reverse matrix
  • Interact with the configuration
    • Print current config
    • Reset config to default
    • [X] Set config
      • Set main color
      • Set prompt color
      • [X] Set prompt
      • Set greeting message
      • [X] Set greeting color
    • [X] Reload config



Plot functions (both stdlib, and runtime) would be useful and appreciated. Plotting is powered by gnuplot, it will works on Unix-like (MacOS, Linux) but I don't have any idea about Windows

  • Plot stdlib functions

  • [X] Plot runtime functions

  • Save plot to png/svg/pdf

  • Add terminal ploting

    • Calculate ploting height and width
    • Computes individual points
    • Generate each line
    • Prints each line
  • Auto level x axis in termplot

  • Auto level y axis in termplot

Example of plotting

You can plot function defined in the standard library of calc or user defined functions, to display the help just type plot()

You can then plot for example

Plotting cos with the default values (from 0 to 3pi, with a step of 0.01pi)

Plotting sin with custom values (from -pi to pi, with a step of 0.01rad, with line, title, x label, y label)

Defining f(x) = x² and plotting it with custom values (from -10 to 10, with a step of 0.1, with linespoint)

Example of terminal plotting

You can plot in the terminal, for example

And it supports the labels too

And now it auto scales on y!

Exact math calculator

As this project provides a frontend with a parser we could plug an exact math engine in the backend to transform calc into a real exact math calculator. TODO List for the Exact Math Engine

  • Rational calculation
    • Implement rational numbers operations
    • Rational reduction
  • Irrational calculation
    • Implement irrational numbers operations
    • Irrational reduction
  • Literal calculation
    • Computes literal expression with uninitialized operators
    • Literal reduction

Example of rational computations

As of 2.11.0 the support for rational exact math has been implemented

As of 2.11.1 it works in matrices!

As of 2.11.4 floats are automatically rationalized (with 10 decimal points of precision)


If we ever go to this step, yes, I will remove the "minimalistic" from the description

  • It's hard.


REPL with only Lexing (verbose mode: on by default)

REPL with lexing and basic operation parsing (verbose mode: on by default)

REPL and functionning interpreter (verbose mode: off by default)


You can configure the general color, greeting message, greeting color, prompt and prompt color from the file for example in (for linux)


Or situated in your operating system config folder.

You can interact with the configuration with the command line, more info in the web page

What the configuration looks like

The default configuration looks like this



Available colors are

  • purple
  • cyan
  • blue
  • black
  • red
  • yellow
  • green
  • white
  • an hexadecimal colour (ex: "#f7a8d8")

Default colour (if the configuration fail to load) is Cyan.

Example of a modified configuration



It looks like:



The following functions are available

  • sin
  • cos
  • tan
  • sinh
  • cosh
  • tanh
  • asin
  • acos
  • atan
  • exp
  • ln (alias: log)
  • sqrt
  • factorial (alias: fact)
  • abs
  • ceil
  • floor
  • round


For trigonometry, the input are assumed to be in radian, if not, you have to put "false" or "true" as second argument, example shown bellow



If you use the exp function you can pass a second argument for the base you are using, if no second arguments are passed this is assumed to be in natural base



You can take the nth root with the sqrt function, by default it takes the second root.



You can round to the nth decimal with the round function, by default it round to the integer (floor)



Function are now vectorized! Just pass a vector as an argument!


You can now use logic! I implemented the following functions:

  • or (alias : ||)
  • and (alias : &&)
  • geq (alias : >=)
  • gt (alias : >)
  • leq (alias : <=)
  • lt (alias :<)
  • eq (alias : ==)



User defined functions!

You can define your own functions!


Vector calculation !

You can use vectors!

  • add vector to each others
  • added the norm function to compute the norm
  • dot product between two vectors ( * operator)

Functions added:

  • norm

Matrices !

As of 2.7.0 matrix algebra is implemented (using lup reduction)

  • you can add matrices
  • multiply compatible matrices

functions added

  • transpose
  • invert
  • det

As of 2.11.3 matrices are pretty printed !

Non interactive use

As of 2.12.0 non interactive use was added